Main collection

Japan's first postage stamp vending machine produced 1904(the 37th year of the Meiji era)

"Electriciteit"(friction generator)said to have been fabricated by Hiraga Gennai from 1776 to 1779. Designated as an important cultural properties.

※Important cultural properties are exhibited irregularly.

Embossing Morse telegraph presented by the United States after the arrival in Japan of the black ships of Commodore Perry in 1854. Designated as an important cultual properties.

※Important cultural properties are exhibited irregularly.

The picture entitled "Mail Handling" illustrates what postal windows and interior and exterior post-office operations were like in the Meiji era (1867-1912). The Industrial Arts section of the Department of Museums of the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce commissioned its production from Shinsai Shibata for exhibition at the New Orleans World Exposition held from December, 1884, until May, 1885.

The Breguet dial telegraph device was manufactured by the French firm of Breguet in the 19th century. By revolving the transmitting-device lever to indicate a desired letter, the needle on the receiving device rotates and the desired letter was indicated.Designated as an important cultual properties.

※Important cultural properties are exhibited irregularly.

Postal history collection

World of Beginnings

World of BeginningsImages projected one after another on wall surfaces and tables decorated with clocks and frames and employing project-mapping technology illustrate the history of postal services, telegraphy, and postage stamps.

World of Postal Services

World of Postal ServicesMore than 140-year history of Japanese postal services introduced by the collection.

The World of Letters

The World of LettersDisplays include Edo-period letters (1603-1868), letters of great historical value, letters written by famous people, and correspondence from the time of the picture-postcard boom.

※Exhibit contents may change for a limited time.

The World of Postage Stamps

The World of Postage StampsInherited from the Communications Museum (Teishin Sougou Hakubutsukan), with its about 330,000 stamps from all over the world, this collection is the largest of its kind in Japan.


TheaterAt the Message Theater, the digitalized visual materials are shown under the title of "Postal Cinema Theather" until March 24, 2024 (Sun.).

The World of Savings

The World of SavingsPostal savings have become part of Japanese post-office operations since 1875. This display of photographs and account books of that ear reveal what people thought of this development.

The World of Insurance

The World of InsuranceTo meet the needs of the times, postal life-insurance was introduced in 1916. Including recordings of the legendary Radio Calisthenics No. 3, the exhibitions relate the history of that undertaking.